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The 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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Getting the community healthy 1 person at a time🤗🤗. I would love to have you join our 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge.  I am using this challenge to either help you kickstart or restart your healthy lifestyle journey. My clients have dropped anywhere from 0 to 14lbs in one week! Please know that this is not a lose weight fast lifestyle. Excited and grateful that my clients as well as myself have had success. I am currently down 45 pounds and up 15 pounds of muscle. This challenge is for everyone. Once you fill out the form and submit it, click on the buy now button below, make your payment of $25. Once you complete those 2 steps, I will contact you with further instructions. Your package will be on its way.  If you need assistance feel free to call Crystal (thats me) 240-481-5040 or send me an email

  Click here for more information about the challenge.  

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