Fall Into Shape Weight loss and transformation challenge rules

Enrollment Fee:  $25 paid upon registration. You can send your payment via paypal using the friends and family option.  My paypal email address is bthroughfitness@gmail.com

You can also send it via the CASH app $lilballerbiker or you can pay via cash.

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There is a buy in fee $25 (all monies are paid out to the winners of the challenge). 

PAYPAL Via Friends and family using bthroughfitness@gmail.com

CASH app $lilballerbiker or you can pay via cash.  

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6 Week Challenge

One on One Coaching

Meal Plan

Grocery and Snack Guide

Private Accountability Group

Cash Prizes & Raffles

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100% of enrollment fees are used for prizes and participant recognition

Nutrition Plan: It is REQUIRED that participants follow a Nutrition Plan provided by your coach that would be me😊, during the challenge--no starvation! This is a healthy, active group seeking lasting results!

The Basic Weight Loss Nutrition Plan includes 2 Herbalife Healthy Meal plus Protein Drink Mix shakes per day, Metabolism boosting tea and aloe,  incorporated with two healthy protein-based snacks (mini meals) and a colorful meal (see the plan provided for you by your Coach) 😊

●  Coaches and participants will work together regarding product use and daily nutritional intake

●  Consult your coach about recommended upgrades to The Basic Weight Loss Nutrition Plan (such as our Weightloss Multivitamins, Cell-u-loss, Cell Activator, Thermo-bond, Snack Defense & Prolessa Fat Burner/ Hunger Control ) to enhance weight loss and targeted wellness results (also ask about  GET RIPPED PLANS !!)

Private Facebook Group: A Private FACEBOOK  GROUP created for the Challenge!!

All posts, pics and comments can only be seen by fellow challengers and coaches! 

●  Interact within this private group!!!! Share pictures of shakes, workouts, healthy meals, recipe ideas, inspirational quotes, new results etc.     Whatever gets you FIRED UP!!

●  To build community and motivation, as well as to help your coach support you in your success we ask that challengers post/interact in the group!



Thank you for being AWESOME!!!

Prizes: everyone who loses and transforms is a WINNER!  AND there are CASH PRIZES for the biggest losers! Total Body Transformation Prize: to be eligible to compete participants must submit 3 before pictures (front- back- side) at the start of the challenge (10/3) and again at the end of the Challenge (11/14) (not required if you don't want to compete for this ... but hey, WHY NOT??!!) WEAR SAME GARMENTS BEFORE AND AFTER / SAME POSES-STRAIGHT ON; NO ANGLES, use BLANK BACKGROUNDS. Please post pictures in a 3 (BEFORE) AND 6 (AFTER) panel picture collage for easy comparison. Pics are judged by an objective panel of wellness coaches: Top Achievers in Business within Herbalife.

 ***Prize amounts and categories will be announced after all monies are collected! ALL CASH GOES BACK TO THE WINNERS! ******PARTICIPANTS MAY ONLY WIN IN 1 CATEGORY******.

Weigh- ins must be posted on these dates

Video weigh-in with WORD OF THE DAY-Send to your coach  Wednesday, October 3th

Send  Weight Photo to your coach (feet on scale) Wednesday,10/10, 10/17, 10/24,  10/31, 11/7

Video weigh-in with WORD OF THE DAY-Send to your coach Wednesday, November 14th.

To ensure accuracy participants must use a digital scale that can measure to the tenth (.1) of a pound, sometimes winners are determined by small margins … EVERY TENTH COUNTS!!    WELCOME to the CHALLENGE!      


Want results? Join me in this journey!

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